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Anthony's Big Movie tells all about the places he visited, and all the stuff that has happened in his life. Like a journal, but better cause of all the stuff that he does there, the'll tell you what that place is about! Live Anthony's Life now! It will be edited every year, week, month, or even day! Check every week, day, month, or year on Anthony's Big Movie! Wiki, and see what happens in the year! (Or month,day and week.)

Anthony's BooksEdit

Antthony is only 7, but if authors could write books, then so can he! He is still handwriting A day in the heart of a snowman, but when it does come, he is sure it will be the best book he has ever written! Look below for a exerpt.

CHAPTER 1: Billy Browns.Edit

Make sure that you know that this is a preview from the computer version, not handwritten.

Hi. My name is Billy Browns. I'm 10 years old, altough something strange happened to me when grabbing my mail. All this and others you will find in my story. So if you are ten, cross your fingers and make sure this never happens to you.... OR ELSE!

My 5 year old sister, Anna, is a chess champion. That is, the only one that knows how to play chess. My other 4 sisters are 2 and keep moving the wrong peices, or moving Anna's peices. And my 5 older brothers, all know how to play Checkers exept one. That was 6 year old Bob. He loves my Snowman. And, as you know, I'm ten and this strange thing happened to me, one that is okay in this century now, but was a big problem when I found it in my backyard.

That is all we have for now, but look down at this cool picture of the zoo billy browns visited. Cool, huh?

Lincoln Park Zoo -entrance-10May2005

The zoo Billy visited.

Why is it named this?Edit

Normally cause Anthony wants to film a movie about his whole life, which would take forever since his whole life is until he dies____ 88 years of filming!


Anthony was born Janurary, 11th, 2003.

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